Secret of the Pros: Tricep Training Tips

Gains never came easily to him, so rather than relying on God-given genetics, his progress has been made possible only by scientifically conceived training and diet strategies.
This analytical approach has made it possible for Sarcev to compete in more pro bodybuilding contests (71) than any other athlete. As such, he has gathered a wealth of in-the-trenches knowledge about the process of accumulating muscle. He has also become an adviser to a growing band of pro and amateur bodybuilders who flock to his Powerhouse Gym in Fullerton (Southern California) for guidance.

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Part 3


  1. Damn, dude is shredded. Good post man.

  2. Of all my bodyparts, I would say my triceps are lagging the most. Thanks for this article/

  3. love hitting tris

    will be following daily

  4. Wish I could hit tris and bis, but my elbow doesn't allow me to :(